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March 28, 2023

This week's episode highlights look at the scientific breakthroughs we've covered on our shows. Innovation is everywhere when you talk to smart people; here's just the tip of the iceberg.

Opto Sessions | Ark Invest's Ali Urman on Gene Editing, CRISPResso, and a $1.1 Trillion market by 2026

In July, Haydn spoke to Ali Urman from Ark, one of the most significant ETF houses in world finance. Ali told us about the exciting future of gene-editing technologies and what that means for both medicine and money.

Unconditional Love Stories | Magical Medical Noses

Dr Scott speaks to Dr Claire Guest, CEO of Medical Support Dogs, a charity that trains dogs to detect cancers.

Thoughts in Between | Ilan Gur: Empowering Scientists to Maximise Their Impact on the World

In this conversation, Matt speaks to Ilan Gur of Activate about the importance of supporting science for the long haul.

The Entrepreneur First Podcast | Engineering the Future of Reproductive Health

Finally, in the first season of the Entrepreneur First Podcast, Alice Bentinck spoke to Alexandra Boussommier of ImVitro and Hana Janebdar of Juno Bio about how they are using innovative technology to tackle challenges in reproductive health.

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