The secret power of B2B podcasts

There's value in the guests, not just the audience. Use podcasting to network and generate revenue, rather than just fluffy brand building.
By working with Cofruition:
Build high value relationships
Create a show that positions you to interview and highlight the expertise of your ideal target customers. Build relationships that far exceed cold outbound outreach by leveraging podcasting into your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) superpower.
Prospects to
Deliver high quality content directly to your prospects in the best format for consuming on-the-go. Keep their interests active and your expertise front-of-mind without drab "just checking in" sales emails.
Steady stream of content
Making new content is hard. Each podcast episode becomes a source of high-quality, shareable assets across multiple channels.
Repurpose existing content
“Podcastify” high quality assets such as white papers, webinar and conference recordings, and blogs. The hard work has been done – now leverage it in a more durable and engaging channel.
ROI calculator
See how much a podcast can pay off for your business
Customer value
52 episodes
New business relationships
10% of guests
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