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Our Story

I started Cofruition because I feel that life too often gets subsumed by work.

I'd worked in a number of hamster wheel jobs that were interesting but, realistically, my to do list was never going to end.

I wanted to create a company where the goal posts weren't changing every quarter, and instead people could focus on delivering high quality tasks... and then go for a walk in the middle of the afternoon.

For clients, providing a consistently wow factor service means they too have less on their plate and yet are still able to grow their businesses.

Learning to delegate

From my own experience, and speaking to friends, we were all in a similar situation:

  1. Work is stressful: everyone is perennially busy - there's no time/ energy for life outside work
  2. Tasks can be delegated: freelancers are out there and it is possible to outsource time-consuming things
  3. ... but, people don't: it ends up feeling easier in the short  term to just "do it myself"

​and as such, the cycle continues.

After finishing my job in 2019 I decided to invest the time and effort to get good at delegating.

I trialled working first with a few different virtual assistants and after setting up the relevant processes we got to a good place of working well together.

Podcasts are interesting

Next, I began thinking about how to help others reclaim time. In 2016, I had moved to East Africa and started a podcast. It was incredibly rewarding, but the deluge of time-consuming tasks meant I'd completely lost the love for it.

Working with my virtual assistant and an audio editor in Kenya we began to systemise the production of the show. In a few weeks it'd gone from taking me 5+ hours/ week to less than 15 minutes.

This outcome felt like something others would want too. I began speaking to companies wanting to do podcasts and offered them this service and these became Cofruition's first clients.

Think in systems

Making one great podcast is different to making many.

As the number of clients grew Cofruition's insights and "how tos" could no longer exist in one person's head: it needed to be easy for others to plug in and bring their expertise to a project. This is not (alas) as simple making a shared Google Doc with bullet points.

Over time we have developed (and continue to develop) our systematic approach to building great podcasts in an intuitive and accessible way for everyone who works on the shows.

As a result, education and training is at the heart of how Cofruition is run, ensuring all of our team members develop skills and share knowledge in a way that makes the sum greater than the parts.

Our Principles

All of this leads to how we work today. In simple terms, Cofruition offers "done for you" services to clients by project managing domain experts. This means:

  • Do the thinking for the busy person: we get in sync with our clients so the services we offer don't become another thing for them to manage or worry about
  • Be great, or don't bother: the working world is awash with mediocrity. We're not going to add to it
  • Source internationally: having lived in East Africa I feel a strong affinity to international development. The best way I've seen is to pay people well to do great work and so wherever possible we train and hire people from low-income regions

Tevin, one of the superstar audio editors in Kenya we work with"

Why Do It?

People can do lots of things for work - why do I choose to spend my time running Cofruition? The short answer is that I find it very fulfilling.

Life is short, and the unhappiness caused by doing things you don't want to really isn't worth it in the end.

We all know that different people are suited to different types of work, and being able to let clients and team members focus on what they do best means overall happiness is increased.

Making that a reality for people every day is really rewarding.


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