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Build relationships with your ideal customers, grow influence in your industry and get the high-quality content you've always wanted. All from just one hour/ week.
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"The Cofruition team have a very detailed process that we followed with them to set up our podcast, starting from outcomes and expectation setting, which helped us refine and hone in our priorities".
- Head of Global Marketing, Entrepreneur First
"Cofruition established our entire production framework. Recording through to distribution was made incredibly efficient, allowing us to publish a weekly podcast with limited internal resources".
- Head of Content, Opto Sessions
"If you want to do a podcast but are worried about the time or don't know where to get started, then I really recommend working with Cofruition".
- Matt Clifford, host of Thoughts in Between

Top 3 reasons your business should have a podcast

Get new customers
Speak directly to customers and industry influencers.
Your new customer value is higher than £20,000.
Strengthen your reputation
Establish your company as a thought leader in your category.
You have something original to say.
Supercharge content marketing
Grow your audience with a steady stream of new and repurposed assets.
You are already investing in content marketing.
Curious how you can win new business with a podcast?
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How we partner with you

Collaborate on a strong podcast concept to deliver value to your guests, your listeners, and your company.
Launch strong with a robust workflow and capture early results.
Refine the process; Identify how to grow the show; Switch on autopilot.

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