How we work

We ultimately get you an industry leading podcast with minimal ongoing effort. 

We've done the whole process of planning, producing and promoting podcasts ourselves and so we'll divide the responsibilities with you based on your time/ budget.

This ranges from being your troubleshooter through to Cofruition doing "everything" to record, produce and promote episodes on your behalf.

We love to work across industries, and use podcasts in ways you may not expect, so if you're interested to learn more, please be in touch.

If you're serious about doing a podcast...

Do it properly. An average podcast is worse than no podcast. Let's make a great podcast together

What you can expect



We're hands-on in guiding you through the set-up and straight to deciding the high-impact strategic aspects for your podcast


We build, then systemise the podcast process so you and your team only spend time on high-value activities


With more head space and a solid foundation we work with you on creative ways to continually increase the impact of your show


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We work with clients globally and have offices in London (UK) and Copenhagen (Denmark)

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