Success from podcasts

How our clients have used podcasting to achieve consistent ROI in their businesses. See a selection of our client's episodes here.
"An excuse to talk to anyone I wanted"
The host of The East Africa Business Podcast uses a podcast as a platform to network with influential people in his industry.
"Hosting a podcast meant I had 'an excuse' to talk to any entrepreneur I wanted to speak to. It was almost too easy to set up meetings with people! Once you've sat down and spoken with them for an hour it became really natural for guests to become people who we could help out professionally, or even friends".

– Host, The East Africa Business Podcast
"We can weave in Entrepreneur First’s unique differentiation very organically"
Entrepreneur First is a talent investor that matches co-founders and then invests in their company. By sharing insights from their entrepreneurs they inspire other (aspiring) founders to consider joining the program. Rather than *just* hosting a discussion with their guests (portfolio entrepreneurs), EF has a podcast were listeners hear them as a thought leader by using expert commentary on what is being said.
"It was important that listeners got something a bit extra from our podcast. Having short commentary segments mixed in with the interviews has meant we've been able to infuse what makes Entrepreneur First special into each episode in a really natural way".

– Head of Marketing, Entrepreneur First
"Opto Sessions has become a core pillar of our top-of-funnel marketing activity"
Financial markets publication, Opto, now have a fully managed process for consistently creating new content and a waterfall of other promotional assets every week.
"Opto Sessions has become a core pillar of our top-of-the-funnel marketing activity. Our audience grows week-on-week, and we’ve been able to leverage guest relationships for additional content".

– Head of Content, Opto
"Wow wow wow! Really phenomenal, made me tear up. What a beautiful piece of work!"
Front of the Pack get a podcast that adds depth to their customer offering. Unconditional Love Stories explores the emotional bond between human and dog which creates brand loyalty for their core business of selling high quality dog supplements.
"The production quality of the show has been brilliant".

– Co-founder, Front of the Pack
"I recommend What The Denmark to every person considering a move to Denmark"
What The Denmark is an in house production of Cofruition. The show is the leading English speaking show about Danish culture and has thousands of loyal listeners around the world and in Denmark (including the Danish Chamber of Commerce - Dansk Industri).
"The show is fun, well-researched, educational - I can't recommend it enough. Whenever I speak with someone about moving to Denmark, I tell them to listen to the podcast".

– Director of Global Talent & Mobility, Dansk Industri
"Interesting and very well produced... feels like a BBC or NPR production"
The Carbon Removal Show is another in-house production of Cofruition. The show is the go-to place for anyone to understand this important and emerging way of reversing climate change. On launch day it went straight to #1 in the UK Nature charts.
"Great podcast and exploration of all things to do with carbon removal, I found it informative and well-paced, I found out lots of things I didn’t know and it made me feel excited for some of the future innovations in the space".

– Casselso, Apple Podcasts review
"Cofruition's Podcasting-as-a-Service work is really impressive"
Matt Clifford writes a popular weekly newsletter. As an extension of his writing, he set up a podcast. He gets to have an interesting conversation every fortnight and leaves the rest to Cofruition to do.
"If you want to do a podcast but are worried about the time or don't know where to get started, then I really recommend working with Cofruition".

– Matt Clifford, Co-Founder of Entrepreneur First and host of Thoughts in Between
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