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April 11, 2023

Something to brighten the start of your week [:sparkles: emoji]Here's some of the most fun and lighthearted episodes from our network of shows.

What The Denmark | Why do Danish couples sleep with separate duvets?

Where What The Denmark began. The whole idea for this podcast came from Sam's discovery that Danish couples don't share a duvet. Finding out why became the start of a two year dive into Danish culture.

The East Africa Business Podcast | The effusive Dr Suudi gives us a taste of his Ugandan radio adverts

One of the biggest differences between East Africa and the UK is how products are marketed. Sam spoke to Suudi of Wave Records in Uganda about why radio is such an important marketing tool and how he has fun with it.

Unconditional Love Stories | Life with Pirate, the insta-famous pit bull

Dr Scott meets Asha Leo, broadcaster and model, about her superstar pup Pirate and why the negative perceptions around bully breeds might be misplaced.

New Food Order | A Musical Gift from New Food Order

Let's round off this week's hightlights on a musical note ♫Over the Christmas break, we released Rodrigo Barbera's beautiful originally composed theme for New Food Order in full as a gift to our listeners, along with a short interview with the man himself.

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