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This week we take a look at relationships both personal and professional, as discussed on some ouf our podcasts.

What The Denmark | Dating Danes

Sam and Josefine take a look at Danish dating culture. How does an outsider successfully navigate Danes' unwritten romantic rules without giving offence? Listen to find out.

How to be a Founder | How to work with your co-founder

In episode 3 of the limited series How to be a Founder, Matt and Alice discussed co-founding relationships. How do you make them work and continue to get on while going through the complexprocess of setting up a company?

Unconditional Love Stories | The animal lovers' match maker

In this episode from 2021, Dr Scott met Sheryl Matthys. Sheryl is the founder of Fetchadate, a dating platform exclusively for pet lovers! The pair discuss how a love for animals can translate to a love between people.

From the Centre | Finding a co-founder

In this episode, Tim met Kiran Thadhani of SANTALUM and Farah Kanji from Founders Factory. They discuss what makes a good co-founder relationship both for you and your business.

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