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Today's highlights from our back catalogue focus on innovative businesses and business models.Our hosts have been lucky enough to speak to some great innovators over the years; read on to discover some of the lessons they've taught us.

The East Africa Business Podcast | From Uber to Call Centre

Sam catches up with Caitlin, founder of Flare, a tech-based emergency dispatch company. Having first spoken in 2016, Sam was keen to find out how the company had developed and scaled in the intervening three year period.

The Entrepreneur First Podcast | Space: the next tech frontier

Back in August 2021 Matt Clifford spoke to Rohit Jha from Transcelestial and Rafel Jorda Siquier of Open Cosmos. They explore the space industry and what the pair are doing to make access to space cheaper and faster.

New Food Order | Investigating Alternative Business Models in Food & Ag

Danielle and Louisa take a deep dive into emerging business models and their benefits to the food industry, with guests including Nigel Teh, Carol Sanford, Adrian Rodrigues, Katherine Miller, Andrea Hernandez and Jon Jandai

Unconditional Love Stories | Meet the Infurrluencers

Last but certainly not least, a look at an unusual business model. Dr Scott speaks to Bangers & Mash, a pet influencer agency that works with some of the canine world's most famous names.

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