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"Good leaders listen"

How to successfully find and retain top level talent with Sarah Skinner of Grace Blue

Hiring leaders is a much more pressured task that bringing in junior talent. When you reach that crucial stage of growth that requires the expertise of senior staff, it's essential that you get the process right, from recruitment, past onboarding and through to retention. So, what should that process look like? Bringing in new leaders also brings in new perspectives and ideas. How can you make sure the transition is both smooth and productive?

To get some answers, host Sam Floy speaks to leadership search expert Sarah Skinner, CEO EMEA and Global Managing Director of Grace Blue.

If you have listened to the episode and would like to find out more, you can follow Sarah on LinkedIn, or find more information and helpful resources on graceblue.com.

Sarah is inspired by Grace Blue founder Juliet Timms. She recommends reading The Agile Leader by Simon Hayward.

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