Podcasts + Brands

Podcasts are one the fastest growing media forms, offering new and exciting possibilities to be creative with your brand.

Read below for why this is and what you can do about it

Designing podcasts to meet

Business Goals

At its core, a great podcast offers listeners (and guests) a useful and enjoyable way to spend their time

The reward for the brands who can create this is the ability to share relevant messages to this audience that meet commercial goals

Why make a podcast now?

In short, to get in your audience’s ears before a competitor does

Human nature/ listener habits means it’s much easier to be the first podcast to fill the gap for your listeners rather than dislodge an existing show. By wowing them with your show, you protect against other shows also vying for their attention

Our Clients' Results

The Entrepreneur First Podcast

Top 30 in the UK technology podcast charts and the top 100 globally

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The Carbon Removal Show

Becomes the UK’s #1 Nature podcast on launch day

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Opto Sessions

Becomes a top 100 UK business podcast

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What The Denmark

What The Denmark "hits the charts" in its first few weeks

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Unconditional Love Stories

High quality podcast on the bond between humans and dogs

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Thoughts in Between

Becomes a trending Technology show on Apple Podcasts

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The East Africa Business Podcat

In 2017, the show received sponsorship from The Economist

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Efficiently add podcast to content mix

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