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What the Denmark

What The Denmark is Cofruition's flagship podcast. It was started by the company's founder (Sam) when he moved to Copenhagen.

The show takes an outside in look at Danish culture and has a dedicated team of Danes and non-Danes working on the podcast which has helped it become on of the most popular shows in the country.

How it all began

When Sam moved to Denmark he was told to prepare for the herring, the hygge and the weather. The thing that surprised him most though was the duvets.

Seeing Danish couples having separate duvets was perplexing - he'd never seen adults voluntarily choose to have single duvets, let alone that people could have two duvets on one bed. Most people he spoke to in Denmark about it hadn't given it much thought whereas his friends back home thought couldn't believe it.

Everyone was curious to learn more and so he began researching the topic: reaching out to scientists, historians and people around the world. It became natural to share what was being found via podcast. Sam teamed up with Josefine, who could give a Danish perspective to the discussions.

Strategic thinking

It's relatively easy to start a podcast these days, but making one that's going to make people go "wow" requires some thorough work and planning.

From the start, it was important to ensure that Danish people felt included in the podcast rather than just doing a "What's weird about Denmark" type of show. As such, Sam partnered with a Danish co-host, and topics are explored in a rounded way.

As well as inclusivity, quality is at the core of podcast's brand and so all productions and content that are published are done so to a high standard.

High quality execution

Each episode goes through a thorough pre- and post-production process with the help of a high quality team.

Recordings take place in a Copenhagen studio (of sorts) and every second of audio is deliberated over, including how and when to include background music and contextual audio.

Each episode could contain 3-10 guests in order to properly creative the narrative in the best way for the listener.


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Achieving goals

So far the podcast has resonated well with both a Danish and international audience, receiving press attention and many positive reviews.

The show has ranked as one of the top podcasts in Denmark and will soon be featuring sponsors who will collaborate on the show so that they can begin achieving their goals (i.e. attracting international talent to move to the country).

What The Denmark also provides opportunities for team members to get paid journalistic experience, and for listeners to feel that they can understand the peculiarities of the culture in an educational and entertaining way.


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