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Unconditional Love Stories

Front of the Pack produce and sell high quality dog supplements directly to dog owners.

Their brand celebrates the unique bond between pets and their parents, and a high quality podcast was a natural fit for creating top of funnel awareness of the brand.

How it all began

The Front Of The Pack (FOTP) founders were introduced to Cofruition through a mutual connection. The conversation started as “Do you have any advice on how to make a great podcast?” and soon progressed into a working relationship.

FOTP already had a clear concept that the show was going to be called Unconditional Love Stories and that it would be hosted by their colleague Dr Scott Miller (TV vet).

The company founders enjoy listening to podcasts and know the difference that a good quality show can make for its listeners, especially when covering emotional topics like the love between humans and dogs. It was therefore important that Unconditional Love Stories should be a “wow factor” show rather than just being a recorded conversation.

"Wow wow wow! Really phenomenal, made me tear up. What a beautiful piece of work!"

Neil Hutchinson, CEO & Co-founder, Front Of The Pack

Strategic thinking

Whilst we knew it would be possible to make a great show, we needed to make sure we were creating something that listeners would like.

We started by defining some strategic goals and auditing existing dog podcasts to see what we liked/ and disliked. It became clear that we wanted to “mix the light with the dark”, playing on Dr Scott’s relaxed, humorous style whilst also talking about the deep emotion that can come from, for example, saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

At the same time we began doing guest interviews and working on early versions of episodes that we shared around with the team.

High quality execution

Episodes in Unconditional Love Stories go through a thorough pre- and post-production process.

Once an interview takes place (the Cofruition team sits in on interviews to ensure things go smoothly) our team then listens through interviews to build a narrative, sometimes combining multiple interviews into one episode. 

With a detailed outline, the Cofruition team writes scripts for Dr Scott to record and then mix together all of the audio, adding music and ambient audio in places that will enhance the listener experience.

There are then several revisions to ensure episodes sound excellent (a mistimed pause can ruin the mood) before sharing with the FOTP team who incorporate the episode (+ promotional material) into their marketing execution.



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"The production quality of the show has been brilliant"

Chris Wilkinson, COO & Co-founder, Front Of The Pack

Achieving goals

The FOTP team were wanting to create a show they were proud of and we’ve been able to do that together.

The show is loved by the audience: the show received 40+ 5 star reviews in its first two weeks, and has very high listener retention (i.e. people listen to the whole episode rather than abandoning halfway through).

With this foundation, and a clear process for creating regular episodes, the show is set for great growth in the coming months/ years


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