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Thoughts in Between

Matt Clifford is the co-founder of Entrepreneur First. He writes about how technology affects politics, society and culture in his (excellent) weekly newsletter Thoughts in Between.

The Thoughts in Between podcast is a way to have deeper discussions with experts on the topics he is interested in.

How it all began

Matt was technically Cofruition's first customer. Sam (the founder) really enjoyed reading the Thoughts in Between newsletter and had an inkling that Matt might like to explore the topics he was writing about in a podcast format.

Sam reached out to Matt and pitched the idea of "Podcasting as a Service" so that Matt could *just* focus on interviewing interesting people, and then leave the rest with Sam. The result would be an avenue/ excuse to talk to interesting people and potentially grow the readership base of the newsletter.

Matt found this interesting and so after a few calls a plan was fleshed out. Then, Covid-19 hit which threw a spanner in the works. By the end of 2020 things were sufficiently in order to get things ready and the show launched.

"Cofruition's Podcasting-as-a-Service work is really impressive"

Matt Clifford, Co-founder of Entrepreneur First

Strategic thinking

Matt is busy and so we agreed that, realistically, the show was never going to be sustainable unless the process was as streamlined as possible.

Cofruition mapped out the steps that needed to be taken to launch the show, gave guidance on things that required Matt's input (recording an intro; establishing naming conventions) and look the lead on tasks that weren't Matt's core competence (e.g. making a podcast image).

Cofruition gives feedback on interviews and new topic ideas as well as continuing to finetune to the process.

High quality execution

Most episodes are Matt interviewing an expert academic/ commentator/ entrepreneur via Squadcast (software for online podcast recording).

The guests all have different microphones and record in different environments meaning it's important for each episode to optimise the audio during the mixing phase to ensure listeners get an enjoyable experience.

The Cofruition team also needs to be meticulous in ensuring all of the publishing tasks get done on schedule: after sending the interview recording to Cofruition, Matt records an episode introduction and writes a short description of the show. With this, the Cofruition team produces and checks the final episode and then handles uploading and scheduling episodes and any troubleshooting that comes from this.



TASK distribution

Thoughts in Between is highlighted on Apple Podcasts

Achieving goals

Matt now has a platform to easily and sustainably interview interesting people. The fortnightly release schedule means he has time to reach out and set up interviews without it interfering with his other commitments.

Already the show is having positive spillover effects: Entrepreneur First have begun seeing applicants referencing the TiB podcast as a source of inspiration in applying for the program.

Somewhat related, as result of our launch strategy Thoughts in Between was picked out as one of the top technology podcasts on the major podcast platform: Apple Podcasts.


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