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The East Africa Business Podcast

This is the podcast that Sam started before he set up Cofruition.

Sam started the show as a way to interview entrepreneurs in East Africa when he decided to move there in 2016. The show ended up becoming one of the top business podcasts on the continent, and is why Cofruition still hires and trains its audio editors from the region

How it all began

Sam got bored of living in London and decided to move to East Africa to start a business. Having never been to the region before he planned to spend four months living in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania before decided whether to move there full-time.

Whilst in Kigali (Rwanda) he tried to set up coffees with entrepreneurs so he could understand how the business ecosystem worked. The problem was... people were too busy running their business to meet someone who wanted "to pick your brain".

Having enjoyed listening to podcasts for a while (and finding there was a lack of good quality business podcasts in the region) Sam researched how to start his own show. With a microphone bought, he went back to the same entrepreneurs and offered to interview them, and share their story with a global audience. This resonated, and The East Africa Business Podcast was born.

Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, UK

Countries that guests were interviewed in

Strategic thinking

The main impetus of the show was a way for Sam to meet interesting people and learn about the East Africa business ecosystem.

Over time, as the show got notoriety, the focus shifted as a way of promoting, and highlighting businesses in the region so they could attract talent and investors.

As such, the podcast was a streamlined interview process, with various promotions each week.

High quality execution

Whilst Sam has an understanding of audio, he's never been an "audio guy". From the beginning it was clear that if the podcast was going to be enjoyable, then Sam would focus on what he enjoyed most (interviewing) and someone else should use their expertise to edit the episodes.

As the show progressed, Sam hired additional people to take over the administrative side of the production process (uploading episodes; creating quote images; scheduling social media posts). This meant that the project remained fun, and he wasn't stuck spending hours of his weekend removing background noise on an interview when someone who was much better qualified could do it much cheaper.

This set up of having an audio editor and administrator to support the production of the show became the basis for Cofruition's first service offering.

Sam's set up

Sam's initial team

Sam's role distribution

Ranking for searches of "africa business" on iTunes

Achieving goals

Sam met many clients, collaborators and friends during his time in East Africa, almost of all of which can be traced back to the podcast.

In 2017, the show received sponsorship from The Economist and, as part of the deal, Sam interviewed the magazine's Africa Editor whilst visiting London.

When active, the show was one of the top business podcasts in the region, and still today Sam receives emails from people who have discovered the show and been inspired to explore more about the business landscape there which is a great feeling.


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