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Mashroom empowers landlords to let property without a letting agent.
They attract people to their business through educational content via multiple channels. We added a podcast into the mix

How it all began

The Cofruition founder (Sam) went to university with Chris, who is now the Head of Marketing at Mashroom. 

Chris was interested in using podcasts as a way to broaden their offering and so he and Sam had a chat to discuss ideas, and whether podcasting would be a good fit. It seemed worth experimenting with, and so Mashroom signed up to begin working with the Cofruition team to get a podcast made.

"Cofruition helped guide us through the podcast project with top level thinking, helping us to focus on what really mattered to get the podcast up and running. It's easy to get stuck in the detail, but Sam and the team helped us get the big stuff out of the way for our launch."

Chris Winterhoff, Head of Marketing, Mashroom

Strategic thinking

As the Mashroom brand was already fairly established, this was more a case of investigating whether podcasting would be a good fit Chris and the team. 

We established the different roles needed in making a podcast and identified the Mashroom COO Naveen to be the host. 

To give listeners a good quality experience, but also not to overwhelm the already busy team we decided upon two styles of episode: interviews with additional commentary from Naveen and shorter form monologue episodes of Naveen sharing an insight

High quality execution

Next we got into ensuring that each episode would be made to a high quality, and that we had a clear process to ensure that nothing would get missed.

The Mashroom team communicate via Slack, and so the Cofruition project manager was added to a #podcast Slack channel to coordinate the Mashroom team members on things that needed doing. He then communicated with our team members the clear instructions for what was needed.

As the episodes featuring guests were not *just* interviews (e.g. Thoughts in Between), Cofruition assigned a producer who would listen to the ~60 minute interview, identify the best ~30 minutes and then write a commentary script for Naveen to record. The editor would then mix everything together giving it a much slicker feel for listeners.




role distribution

"Cofruition have a great eye for detail, and it’s a pleasure working with them "

Chris Winterhoff, Head of Marketing, Mashroom

Achieving goals

Within a matter of weeks Mashroom were able to start publishing creative, high quality content based on interviews between Naveen and her guests. 

The engagement from was listeners was great, though creating these episodes was still dependent on Naveen having fortnightly calls with guests which was a stretch for her and the team to arrange
(/ outsource to Cofrution).

After a few (busy) months it became clear that the best “bang for buck” would be for Mashroom to use the podcast feed to periodically repurpose other content (webinars etc.), rather than continue investing in “podcast first” content. With the podcast feed set up, and a clear process with Cofruition on how to make episodes, the system is in place to restart making creative episodes whenever the time/ budget is right.


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