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The Entrepreneur First Podcast

Entrepreneur First identifies, trains and invests in potential entrepreneurs, helping them find their co-founders and start new technology businesses.

EF wanted a podcast to showcase the talent that had been through their program over the years in order to inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs.

How it all began

Entrepreneur First’s CEO, Matt Clifford, was already working with Cofruition on Thoughts in Between , so when EF’s marketing team wanted to start a podcast, Cofruition was the natural choice.

Entrepreneur First had a goal to establish the company as leaders in building technology companies from scratch and saw working with Cofruition on a podcast as a key pillar of their wider marketing strategy.

EF wanted to build a relationship with potential future candidates for the EF program. Through creating a podcast, they felt they could provide these future founders with the knowledge, confidence and inspiration they needed to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Strategic thinking

EF arrived with a strong pool of potential guests, having founded over 500 companies through the program since 2011. In Matt Clifford they also had an experienced podcast host and a great relationship with the Cofruition team.

Cofruition’s task was to take that strong foundation and create a plan to turn it into a slick and well produced podcast. This meant finding the format, music, creative team and launch plan that best suited the content we’d be getting from the guests.

"The Cofruition team has a very detailed process that we followed to set up our podcast, starting from outcomes and expectation setting, which helped us refine and hone in on our priorities."

Yi Ning Lim, Entrepreneur First Head of Global Marketing

High quality execution

The challenge for Cofruition was not to overburden Matt and his co-host - EF’s Chief Operating Officer, Alice Bentinck. As co-founders of a successful global company, Matt and Alice are very busy people. Cofruition’s job is to work with EF’s marketing team to make sure they can play their part with as little friction as possible and get a valuable, effective, high quality podcast out of it.

This is achieved through a healthy working relationship with the client. EF’s Client Lead, their Global Head of Marketing, acts as a single point of management for the client-side responsibilities (guest booking, hosts’ schedules, graphic design, social promotion) and works with Cofruition’s Project Manager who practices the same role with Cofruition’s responsibilities (production, audio editing, quality control, distribution).

This relationship has resulted in an efficient and effective team structure that creates as little friction as possible for all involved.


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"The Entrepreneur First Podcast has provided us with a medium to share in-depth discussions on building global technology companies from a founders-first perspective, and has helped us reach new audiences globally."

Yi Ning Lim, Entrepreneur First Global Head of Marketing

Achieving goals

The Entrepreneur First Podcast has been successful in terms of, chart recognition, statistics and testament. The show’s current peak on the highly competitive Apple Podcasts Technology charts is #23 and is, at the time of writing, in Chartable’s top 100 global technology podcasts measured by reach.

Anecdotally, the EF team informed us that within a few weeks of the podcast launching, applicants to the EF program were mentioning the podcast as an inspiration for applying which was one of the key goals of starting the podcast.


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