Making great podcasts

Cofruition's overarching principle is "don't get spread too thin"

We work with brands to ensure not only engaging audio for listeners, but also commercial goals get hit and team members don't get overwhelmed with having a new marketing channel

Below is our philosophy for how to do this best

beware of

Being Half-Hearted

Nowadays, a basic podcast has a negative impact on your brand

The ease to start a podcast today which means many more people have done it. A few years ago, starting a show was novel and exciting for customers. Now, the bar to impress is higher.

A “let’s-hack-it-together-and-see-what-happens” approach to starting a podcast is OK if you have nothing to lose, but risks devaluing your brand equity if it doesn’t meet the modern benchmark.

In other words: be great, or don't bother

Get the right team

Podcasts require effort and skill across multiple areas. The quality of the final output is dependent on the team you have and how much attention you can give to each area.

If you have just one or two people (with full-time other jobs), there's a limit to how much you can do.

Below is the typical set up Cofruition has with clients. The Project Manager becomes the main point of contact and coordinates the experts.

Foundation for an ongoing relationship

First we nail down why you want to start a podcast, and then work backwards to do so in the optimal way. After seeing what skills/ roles you can do yourself, Cofruition assembles a team that can make high quality episodes on an ongoing basis.

We're hands on (multiple calls/ week) and flexible (feedback until everyone's happy) in getting the show made and, importantly, systemising the process to make it an ongoing success.

We work with your marketing teams to create assets and come up with strategies to best grow the listenership. For more information see our internal playbook on how to do this.

Our Clients' Results

The Entrepreneur First Podcast

Top 30 in the UK technology podcast charts and the top 100 globally

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The Carbon Removal Show

Becomes the UK’s #1 Nature podcast on launch day

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Opto Sessions

Becomes a top 100 UK business podcast

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What The Denmark

What The Denmark "hits the charts" in its first few weeks

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Unconditional Love Stories

High quality podcast on the bond between humans and dogs

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Thoughts in Between

Becomes a trending Technology show on Apple Podcasts

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The East Africa Business Podcat

In 2017, the show received sponsorship from The Economist

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Efficiently add podcast to content mix

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