Audiograms are the most effective and exciting way to increase clicks through to valuable content

you make great content

but no-one engages with it


Because the way you are trying to attract them (your "hook") doesn't communicate that it's worth their time to click through and learn more. A good hook,

Is eye-catching

 Delivers value


 Signals more

value to come

Step One: Distill

Take the core message from your content and make it punchy, intriguing and clearly valuable

Step Two: Amplify

One audiogram converts traffic across all your channels


Colours and moving images get people's attention, a compelling message keeps it


Logos, fonts, and images are all consistent with the main branding. New medium, consistent brand


People get something right away so they are more willing to spend extra attention on the main content


With a smooth production process no lengthy additional studio time is needed to effectively promote new content 

Two types

Broadly speaking there are two types of audiogram

What are the options to hook people in?


How most content is promoted and the simplest way to do it. Sometimes spacing, CAPITAL LETTERS or an emoji <> is used to make it more eye-catching


This is more eye-catching, and gets given more space in news feeds. It basically needs to sum up the essence of your content in one image, but the plain text words need to do the job to convince people to click through.


The movement of someone on screen is definitely more engaging. Especially when you add subtitles for those who don't have audio on. To convey professionalism you will likely need a decent studio set up and dedicated time for someone to always be presentable before making the hook. 

Otherwise you risk your brand being conveyed as amateurish. Which isn't great.

Modern Structure


This is an audiogram. 

It is designed to be eye catching and, when produced well it delivers immediate value and signals there is more to come.

What's more, it's much easier than traditional video to reach a professional level of branding and to scale production with minimal ongoing effort

Done-for-you audiograms

Cofruition makes audiograms for brands who want people to engage with great content they've already made.

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  • Static image

  • Subtitles synced to audio

  • Value 3


  • Pre-production

  • Creativity to bring out the story


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